VAPO – Screening turf for energy
Reuse of waste soil and dirt

Cernos Method

  • Turf and peat screened to correct particle size and moisture
  • Safe energy production process at power and heating plants

Customer: VAPO, Finland

Material: Turf and peat

Density: 0,2 – 1 tn/m³

Capacity: 150-180 m³/h

Screenshots from application

Benefits for Cernos Method

  • All excavated material can be reused for profit
  • High capacity screening
  • Bigger hard particles are screened out e.g. roots, stumbs, stones
  • Same unit can be used also for mixing too dry with wet turf to get precise moisture.
  • Avoids dust explosions in energy production.
  • Also wet material can be processed, speeds up drying off material
  • Low investment costs
Reuse of waste soil and dirt