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Screening Buckets

K – Series

Icons never die. Classic K-Series for excavators provide reliable efficiency in original design even today. K15 is the longest produced screening bucket in the world. Manufactured since 1993.

With Cobra Screening Buckets you can effectively screen, crush, separate, sort, recycle, re-use, mix, backfill and/or aerate many different materials like soil, dirt, peat, waste soil, demolition waste, industrial by-products, frozen materials, etc. You can process also wet materials.

Technical features

Cobra K-Series screening buckets available in sizes 0,2 – 6,5 m3 as standard. Integrated dust binding system available for all Cobra screening buckets. We also supply customized product solutions according to customer requirements.

K Models Excavators Wheel loaders Volume water ISO
Volume heap SAE
Screen area
(L x W x H)cm
Approx. Weight
K-15 16,0 – 20,0 NA 1,0 1,1 0,9 1350 x 1200 x 1440 1490
K-120 20,0 – 25,0 NA 1,4 1,5 1,2 1350 x 1200 x 1740 1770


  • Screening and separating materials for recycling
  • Composting, aerating green waste
  • Recycling and handling of top soil
  • Recycling of demolition waste
  • Padding of pipelines and backfilling
  • Preparing topsoil for landscaping
  • Screening peat and mulch
  • Mixing of different materials
  • Crushing, screening and grinding of raw materials in industrial applications
  • Crushing and screening frozen materials, like peat or fertilisers

Related Models

Designed with flexibility in mind, Cobra screening buckets can be adjusted to the material being processed. Strong construction, low weight with technical design guaranties optimal material flow and capacity. Cobra Next Generation Screening Buckets can be supplied with mounting brackets for both excavator and wheel loader.

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K – Series

Icons never die. Classic K-series for excavators provide reliable efficiency in original design…

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